I. Agency's mandate and functions; names of its officials with their position and designation, and
      contact information

Mandate and Functions
Names of Officials with their Position, Designation and Contact Information

  II. Annual Financial Reports    

2016-2021 FAR No. 1:  SAAOBDB
(Statement of Statement of Appropriations, Allotments, Obligations, Disbursements and Balances)
2021 FAR No.1 Q2, 2021 FAR No.1 Q1
2020 FAR No.1 Q42020 FAR No.1 Q3, 2020 FAR No.1 Q22020 FAR No.1 Q1
2019 FAR No.1 Q42019 FAR No.1 Q3, 2019 FAR No.1 Q22019 FAR No.1 Q1
2018 FAR No.1 Q42018 FAR No.1 Q3, 2018 FAR No.1 Q22018 FAR No.1 Q1
2017 FAR No.1 Q42017 FAR No.1 Q3, 2017 FAR No.1 Q22017 FAR No.1 Q1
2016 FAR No.1 Q42016 FAR No.1 Q3, 2016 FAR No.1 Q22016 FAR No.1 Q1

2016-2021 Summary Report on Disbursements
2021 Jun2021 May2021 Apr, 2021 Mar2021 Feb2021 Jan
2020 Dec, 2020 Nov2020 Oct, 2020 Sep, 2020 Aug, 2020 Jul,
2020 Jun2020 May2020 Apr, 2020 Mar2020 Feb2020 Jan
2019 Dec2019 Nov2019 Oct, 2019 Sep, 2019 Aug, 2019 Jul,
2019 Jun2019 May2019 Apr, 2019 Mar2019 Feb2019 Jan
2018 Dec2018 Nov2018 Oct, 2018 Sep, 2018 Aug, 2018 Jul,
2018 Jun2018 May2018 Apr, 2018 Mar2018 Feb2018 Jan
2017 Dec2017 Nov2017 Oct, 2017 Sep, 2017 Aug, 2017 Jul,
2017 Jun2017 May2017 Apr, 2017 Mar2017 Feb2017 Jan
2016 Dec2016 Nov2016 Oct, 2016 Sep, 2016 Aug, 2016 Jul,
2016 Jun2016 May2016 Apr, 2016 Mar2016 Feb2016 Jan

2016-2021 BAR No. 1:  Quarterly Physical Report of Operations/Physical Plan
2021 BAR No.1 Q2, 2021 BAR No.1 Q1
2020 BAR No.1 Q4, 2020 BAR No.1 Q32020 BAR No.1 Q22020 BAR No.1 Q1
2019 BAR No.1 Q4, 2019 BAR No.1 Q32019 BAR No.1 Q22019 BAR No.1 Q1
2018 BAR No.1 Q4, 2018 BAR No.1 Q32018 BAR No.1 Q22018 BAR No.1 Q1
2017 BAR No.1 Q4, 2017 BAR No.1 Q32017 BAR No.1 Q22017 BAR No.1 Q1
2016 BAR No.1 Q4, 2016 BAR No.1 Q32016 BAR No.1 Q22016 BAR No.1 Q1

2016-2021 FAR No. 5:  Quarterly Report on Revenue and Other Receipts
2021 FAR No.5 Q2, 2021 FAR No.5 Q1
2020 FAR No.5 Q4, 2020 FAR No.5 Q32020 FAR No.5 Q22020 FAR No.5 Q1
2019 FAR No.5 Q4, 2019 FAR No.5 Q32019 FAR No.5 Q22019 FAR No.5 Q1
2018 FAR No.5 Q4, 2018 FAR No.5 Q32018 FAR No.5 Q22018 FAR No.5 Q1
2017 FAR No.5 Q4, 2017 FAR No.5 Q32017 FAR No.5 Q22017 FAR No.5 Q1
2016 FAR No.5 Q4, 2016 FAR No.5 Q32016 FAR No.5 Q22016 FAR No.5 Q1

2016-2021 Financial Plan
(Detailed Statement of Current Year's Obligations, Disbursements and Unpaid Obligations)
2021 FAR No.1-A Q2, 2021 FAR No.1-A Q1
2020 FAR No.1-A Q42020 FAR No.1-A Q32020 FAR No.1-A Q22020 FAR No.1-A Q1
2019 FAR No.1-A Q42019 FAR No.1-A Q32019 FAR No.1-A Q22019 FAR No.1-A Q1
2018 FAR No.1-A Q42018 FAR No.1-A Q32018 FAR No.1-A Q22018 FAR No.1-A Q1
2017 FAR No.1-A Q42017 FAR No.1-A Q32017 FAR No.1-A Q22017 FAR No.1-A Q1
2016 FAR No.1-A Q42016 FAR No.1-A Q32016 FAR No.1-A Q22016 FAR No.1-A Q1

2016-2020 Annual Reports
FY2020, FY2019, FY2018, FY2017, FY2016

2016-2020 Annual Financial Statements
FY2020, FY2019, FY2018FY2017, FY2016

    III. DBM Approved Budget and Corresponding Targets for FY 2020    

DBM-Approved Budget - FY2020FY2019FY2018FY2017FY2016
Corresponding Targets - FY2020FY2019FY2018FY2017FY2016 

    IV. Projects, Programs and Activities, Beneficiaries, and Status of Implementation for FY 2020    

(Not applicable)

    V. FY 2020 Annual Procurement Plan (FY 2020 APP non-CSE), Indicative FY 2021 APP non-CSE;
      and FY 2021 APP for Common-Use Supplies and Equipment (FY 2021 APP CSE)

Annual Procurement Plan (APP non-CSE)
FY2022 Indicative
FY2021 (GAA)FY2021 (RF)FY2021 Indicative (GAA)FY2021 Indicative (RF)
FY2020 S2, FY2020 S1FY2020 Supplemental 2FY2020 Supplemental 1FY2020 
FY2019, FY2018FY2017FY2016

Annual Procurement Plan (APP CSE) 
FY2022 CSE, FY2021 CSEFY2020 CSEFY2019 CSEFY2018 CSE

Agency Procurement Compliance and Performance Indicator (APCPI)
FY2020, FY2019, FY2018FY2017FY2016

Procurement Monitoring Report 
2021S12020S22020S12019S22019S12018S22018S1, 2017S22017S1, FY2016

Certificate of Compliance (Early Procurement)

    VI. QMS Certification of at least one core process by an international certifying body (ICB)    

•  ISO 9001:2015 Certificate from DQS GmbH
•  ISO 9001:2015 Certificate from IQNet
    Certificate Registration No.             Validity
    50500990 QM15                                 The certificate is valid from 2019-10-27 until 2022-10-26.

•  ISO 9001:2015 Certificate from TUV Rheinland
    Certificate Registration No.             Validity
    01 100 1634775                                 The certificate is valid from 2017-10-30 until 2019-12-09.

•  ISO 9001:2008 Certificate from TUV Rheinland
    Certificate Registration No.             Validity
    01 100 1634775                                 The certificate is valid from 2016-12-10 until 2018-09-14.

    VII. System of Ranking Delivery Units for FY 2020 PBB    

•  FY2020FY2019FY2018FY2017FY2016

    VIII. Agency Review and Compliance Procedure of Statements and Financial Disclosures    

•  PMO Review & Compliance Procedure of SALN   (applicable for 2021)
•  PMO Office Order 2017-004 (SALN)

    IX. Freedom of Information (FOI)    

•  One Page PMO FOI Manual
•  PMO FOI Manual
•  PMO FOI Reports
•  Certificate of Compliance 2019Certificate of Compliance 2018

    X. Citizen's Charter    

•  PMO Citizen's Charter
•  Certificate of Compliance 2020,  Certificate of Compliance 2019

    XI. Agency Scorecard    

•  2019 Agency Scorecard
•  2017 MARC-12017 MARC-2
•  2016 MARC-12016 MARC-2
•  2015 MARC-12015 MARC-2