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104 Gamboa Street, Legaspi Village, Makati City 1229

Office of the Chief Privatization Officer
Tel: 8893-2383

 Information Technology Division
Tel: 8806-2608



Office of DPO for Administration, Financial & Management Services
Tel: 8893-1886

 Administrative Division
Tel: 8818-8304

 Financial Management Division
Tel: 8818-4591


Office of DPO for Asset Management
Tel: 8818-4625

 Custodianship Services Division
Tel: 8817-6661

 Disposition Support Services Division
Tel: 8818-4625


Office of DPO for Legal Services
Tel: 8893-7096


Office of DPO for Marketing
Tel: 8893-2383

Marketing Division I (Institutional)
Tel: 8818-8305
Email: MD1@pmo.gov.ph

Marketing Division II (Mining, Equity & Special Assets)
Tel: 8817-6331
Email: MD2@pmo.gov.ph

Marketing Division III (Retail)
Tel: 8810-7578
Email: MD3@pmo.gov.ph


PMO Bids and Awards Committee (PMO-BAC)
Tel: 8893-7096
Email: BAC@pmo.gov.ph

  PMO Freedom of Information (PMO-FOI)
Tel: 8810-7578
Email: FOI@pmo.gov.ph